Greening Urban Environments

DIY Instructions Project 5

Guidelines - Project Five - Contact Simon Smith

Software to control your GutterGrow

The suggestions for software to control your GutterGrow are based upon:

  1. Micropython installed into suitable microprocessors
  2. Open source availability
  3. Strong support networks and tools
  4. Ease of use - good range of development environments
  5. Server software (microprocessor)
  6. Client software for feedback and alerts to many types of client device over wifi and/or bluetooth
  7. Safe low power and/or solar powered systems (12v system)

Based on the above it is suggested that software proposed meets these requirementss.

It has been shown to work on the ESP32 series from Espressif and the Raspberry Pi Pico.

The software proposals are based on micropython and therefore it should be relatively easy to port to other microcontrollers or SBCs (Single Board Computers) capable of running micropython.