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Greening Urban Evironments

GutterGrow for Local Authorities

Low Cost Vertical Allotments and Gardens
(for local residents to grow their own flowers and vegetables)

Many local authorities wish to provide their local residents with a range of activities and support services which contribute to residents health and wellbeing.  This has become of particular concern for older or disabled residents in sheltered housing where support services from local authorities are being reduced.
Sustainable Opportunities won a government grant to look at ‘Proof of Concept’ for a low cost means of constructing vertical gardens which could be erected in any small available space (e.g. patio’s, yards).  As a result of this grant they are now able to offer local authorities a vertical gardening system called ‘GutterGrow’.

The attractive features of this system are :

The Royal Society of Arts kindly provided a ‘Catalyst’ grant to pilot the use of ‘GutterGrow’ with a Housing Association in Cambridge and a report and conclusions are available for local authorities to assess.
A range of funding opportunities can be considered to cover the cost of providing these vertical growing frames to local residents.
For a copy of the report and suggestions on funding opportunities please contact